Monday, 15 October 2012

Quick Rant

ok, so, disagree if you want but youll only be lying to yourself.... every guy out there has at some point hurt a girl, whether it be cheating on a girlfriend, divorcing a wife, letting a best friend down, flirting when your not single... this happens, i know this because i have been the one cheated on, cheated with, left for, left from, flirted with and flirted against.. how can men expect me to trust them when im all too often getting guys coming onto me that have wives and girlfriends, guys telling me theyre unhappy and emptying their woes on me in some drunken mess and then trying to make out they felt something for me in that alcohol crazed moment, i know how easy it is for guys to make mistakes.... ive been that mistake.. and i also know how easy it is for guys to pretend it never happened and to carry on with their current girlfriend/wife like nothing ever happened, be it just once or a few months, guys can pretend theyre the loving boyfriend/husband and that it was all a dream... how exactly is anyone ever going to trust another member of the human species when theyre constantly proving to not be worth shit? dont get me wrong, im sure its not just men that can do this, ive done it once before but i was 15 years old!! ive experianced more bullshit from men in relationships since then than ever before. worst thing is, as women we get told off for this kinda mentality... for taring all men with the same brush yet... when they know its their mates doing it.. when they know that they know people who mess around even though theyre with someone they dont blame that guy for giving the rest of men a bad name, they blame women for feeling like theyre all scumbags. . . guys should look closer to home rather than accuseing women of being judgemental... Very true!